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Our inclusive blend of strength & conditioning is designed to get you in, get you fit and get you on with your life. Our proprietary Tempo Training™️ allows you to get strong + lean by focusing on how you lift, not how much you lift.

Why We Do What We Do

Andrew Bryce | Urban MVMNT

Andrew Bryce

"Everyone and the coaches are pushing you to be better. We're pushing each other. And it's great to meet new people, have fun...it's something you tend to look forward to."

Kristen Smith | Urban MVMNT

Kristen Smith

"I keep coming back because I'm noticing I'm getting a lot stronger... I've seen a lot of improvement from using weights versus just running all the time."

David Flores | Urban MVMNT

David Flores

"The perfect combination of strength training, cardio and flexibility to keep me feeling and looking awesome!"

Melanie Thompson | Urban MVMNT

Melanie Thompson

"Sitting at a desk all day, I get to spread my wings here.  I get to burn off all the tension and stress of my day...plus I do with with friends...can't think of anything better!"

Megan Phillips | Urban MVMNT

Megan Phillips

" I love the atmosphere of group training and Urban MVMNT does it best. The coaching is on point and motivates me to work harder than I would on my own. I’m always reaching new milestones and no matter how many I reach there’s always another one to work toward. I’ve never had so much success at any other gym. "

Jason Perkins | Urban MVMNT

Jason Perkins

"Love these people! The coaches have been great to work with and really know their stuff. What I love the most is the accountability piece, if I miss a week or two... don’t worry, I’m getting an email or text asking where me where have I been?! Very clean as well, big plus!"

Joe Tebaldi | Urban MVMNT

Joe Tebaldi

"I was traditional gym kinda guy - just doing my own thing - and man I wish I found this sooner.  It's a different challenge everyday and the coaches have fixed so many technique and form errors I never knew I had."

Robert Fewell | Urban MVMNT

Robert Fewell

"I have been coming to Urban MVMNT for 12+ months now and couldn't ask for a better experience. The coaches are knowledgeable and care about your form which is great for a newbie. The facility is always clean and the amount and condition of the equipment is great.Having never done these types of workouts I didn't know what to expect. I came one Saturday with a friend to give this a try and never looked back. The minute I saw how the community interacted with each other I knew this was going to be a great place to be. I know this is where I will meet my ultimate fitness goals. Keep up the great work guys!!!"

Kaitlyn Lail  | Urban MVMNT

Kaitlyn Lail

"Can’t say enough good things about this place! As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor myself, I’m pretty particular about my workouts. I really enjoyed Crossfit before coming to Urban MVMNT but hated how beat down my body felt from some of the less functional movements and competitiveness. Urban does an amazing job of combining the functional aspects of crossfit with circuit/strength training in a way that’s tailored to each individual’s needs. The coaching staff are all super hands on, encouraging, and challenging. The culture and atmosphere at Urban is what every gym should aspire to be like!"

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