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Our inclusive blend of strength & conditioning is designed to give you the energy needed to create movement in your life. We offer a variety of classes to keep your workouts varied, fun and goal oriented. Give it a try. Book your DayOne - a tailored introduction to our program & guided class experience to kick start your fitness journey.

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Andrew Bryce | Urban MVMNT

Andrew Bryce

"Everyone and the coaches are pushing you to be better. We're pushing each other. And it's great to meet new people, have's something you tend to look forward to."

Kristen Smith | Urban MVMNT

Kristen Smith

"I keep coming back because I'm noticing I'm getting a lot stronger... I've seen a lot of improvement from using weights versus just running all the time."

David Flores | Urban MVMNT

David Flores

"The perfect combination of strength training, cardio and flexibility to keep me feeling and looking awesome!"

Melanie Thompson | Urban MVMNT

Melanie Thompson

"Sitting at a desk all day, I get to spread my wings here.  I get to burn off all the tension and stress of my I do with with friends...can't think of anything better!"

Megan Phillips | Urban MVMNT

Megan Phillips

" I love the atmosphere of group training and Urban MVMNT does it best. The coaching is on point and motivates me to work harder than I would on my own. I’m always reaching new milestones and no matter how many I reach there’s always another one to work toward. I’ve never had so much success at any other gym. "

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At Urban MVMNT we believe fitness is a journey that is unique for everyone...