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Why We Decided To Chuck A ‘Deuce’ To The Status-Quo Workout Model
Posted on January 31, 2020 in Fitness Inside The MVMNT

Why We Decided To Chuck A ‘Deuce’ To The Status-Quo Workout Model

If you attend our classes for long enough, the following collection of lexicon will become common:  


Thrusters. Pull-ups. Lateral Block Jumps. Ski Erg.

The first grouping consists of words we at Urban MVMNT use to give an identity to our workout program - pretty simple. 

The second grouping consists of common exercises you’ll find in plenty of other fitness classes - nothing special.  

But the magic of what we’ve created with our LIFT+MOVE class lies completely within the careful and methodical placement of these different identities and the operational definition we give them. 

One night, Le Deuce, our Head Coach and Workout Creator Overlord, created a ten page manifesto in which he outlined the recipe of our LIFT+MOVE class.

And the secret sauce is this - in order to create the ideal combination of strength training and cardio, the workouts need to have three unique “speeds” or “feels”.

Any workout program can switch the exercises up on you.  That’s the easiest part.  The difficulty is making the workouts feel different.

So, what are these identities? Let circling back to the opening list –


Every Urban MVMNT class has two components to the workout -

one part LIFT and one part MOVE. 

LIFT focuses on building lean, strong, muscle and MOVE delivers the

high intensity fat burning opportunities. With the LIFT+MOVE components in mind,

three unique fitness programs styles were born.

BUILDS are designed to put you through a continuous increase in intensity - either through increased time or reps. 

Our BUILD style kicks off with a LIFT session, typically focusing on two – three strength based movements, that will also be incorporated in the main bulk of the workout.  This serves a dual purpose to allow you to get in plenty of practice reps and a solid strength training sesh. 

SPRINTS are the all-out, lung burning, efforts you love to hate.  The class style starts with a longer LIFT position that satisfies your strength training for the day and then the MOVE throws you into the deep end of our highest intensity workout.

Even though these intervals are also the shortest in duration, we promise you, 90 seconds has never felt so long.


GRINDS embody a carefully selected pile of movements that create that feeling of “is this ever going to end?!?” by pushing you through our most endurance-based workouts that you’ll face each week.  

Because this style is our longest and most cardio-intensive workout, we forgo the dedicated LIFT portion and allow you to choose heavier weights if you’re wanting a strength fix during the MOVE. 

So now that you better understand the three different ways we FIND OUR MVMNT, my question to you is this…

Which style is your favorite?  (and if you say SPRINTS you’re a sick & twisted individual)

Which style is your current weakness?

And what do you think of our good ol’ friend Deuce - genius or sadist? 

Curious what BUILDS, SPRINTS, and GRINDS we have planned each week? Check out our #SNEAKPEEK on the Urban MVMNT app or subscribe to our weekly newsletter below!

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