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Hey Charlotte, KEEP MVNG.
Posted on April 04, 2020 in Inside The MVMNT

Hey Charlotte, KEEP MVNG.

During times of crisis, it helps to have a unified slogan that everyone involved with can rally behind.  In fact, the world “slogan” is actually Scottish for ‘battle-cry’. 

For us here at Urban MVMNT, we are charging forward with the mentality attached to our slogan to ‘KEEP MVNG’. 

We’re going to get through this, but not by standing still.  Our motion creates energy and that energy is infectious, even more so than coronavirus. 

We will keep moving physically - working out and pushing outside our comfort zones knowing that if we can get through the last 5 minutes of a GRIND workout, we can do anything. 

We will use our abundance of alone time to check-in with ourselves emotionally, knock those lingering tasks off our to-do lists and start that hobby we’ve been putting on the back burner for years.

We may be isolated, but we’ll be more social than ever - calling old friends we’ve lost touch with and writing actual hand-written notes to special people in our lives. 

We will evolve beyond sharing the ‘new outfit selfie’ on social media to sharing our quarantine tips, Netflix recommendations and even our fears and hopes with our digital ecosystem. 

Because while our fam at Urban MVMNT believes that movement is physical, emotional and social - it is also vital.

As humans we crave belonging and tribal communities. 

While you previously may have identified as a transplant or native, aligned with specific sports teams or were loyal to a certain fitness studio - we have all been moved to the same tribe, and our collective effort is to KEEP MVNG.

And we are seeing this call to action manifest - selfishly in our own movement and selflessly in our desire to keep the locally owned small business community moving. 

As we all adjust to the new normal that is our life amongst COVID-19, it’s been uplifting to see so many people embrace movement and fitness as a strategy to keep themselves sane during these crazy times.

Have you ever seen so many runners in CLT?

You’d think they were giving away free toilet paper on the Rail Trail with the volumes of people flocking to the outdoors to go for a run, hit an outdoor workout or simply get out of their home and enjoy the spring weather.  

While there’s obviously an opinion that can be justified regarding the crowds of people enjoying outdoor movement and its impact on our social distancing efforts - as humans all going through the same experience, I think everyone can relate to this urge to move now, more than ever. 

Beyond the apparent increase in everyone’s desire for physical activity, there’s also been an amazing rally behind supporting local businesses and those battling this infection on the front lines. 

Grassroots projects like Support Local Or Else and the innovative ways that breweries, coffee shops, retail and restaurants are still working to provide us beer, caffeine, clothing and food demonstrates that Charlotte is not going stand still and let this pandemic put a stop to all that we’ve come to know and love about our city.

Even local artist are keeping us entertained by using their talents to document this crazy episode in our history with COVID-19.

Uplifting moments like the viral sensation of sidewalk chalk curators outside of Atrium Health are reiterating the mantra of KEEP MVNG to those who are directly putting themselves in harms way to care for those who have fallen ill. 

We know these challenging times are going to pass and that our immediate Charlotte community and the world will be stronger because of our relentlessness to persevere.

But in between now and then there are going to be many challenges - people dying, careers ended overnight, businesses shuttered and our desire for in-person human interaction - that will certainly test us.

However, we believe that our ability to find peace in the fight, to take a positive perspective and be grateful for what we do have is going to get us through this.

So please control what you can control.

Have Zoom happy hours with your friends, get your groceries delivered and wash your damn hands.

Live your new life to the fullest, smile as much as possible and be grateful for what you do have.

And please whatever you do...

Don't forget to KEEP MVNG.

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