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Posted on July 18, 2020 in Inside The MVMNT


It’s a bold statement. And even bolder to execute.

Last month, the North Carolina Attorney General allowed fitness facilities to start operating under specific exceptions.  

However, we were not ready to re-open just yet.  We simply did not have the infrastructure, supplies and logistics in place to create a safe workout environment.  

We embraced self-awareness and realized that if we were going to create ‘PROBABLY THE SAFEST WORKOUT IN CLT’, we better be able to back it up.

After a month of careful planning, we re-opened our facility in accordance with the Governor's interpretations of Executive Order No. 141  - if you care to read it, check out section 1(5)(a) and 7(A)(2)(b).

Since then we’ve had one mission - provide workouts you’ll love, with people you’ll love working out with, with safety guidelines + features you can trust. 

Here’s why everyone working out at Urban MVMNT (including medical professional and front line workers) choose to participate in PROBABLY THE SAFEST WORKOUT IN CLT. 

Open Air Concept

Urban MVMNT is one of the only open-air facilities in the LoSo, South End, and Uptown vicinity.  

Our unique facility boasts 30’ ceilings with dual industrial fans and open bay doors to recreate the same benefits of outdoor exercise. 

Choosing to get your sweat sesh outdoors has been a great solution for many people during the pandemic and it’s main benefit exists because the access to open, fresh air is safer than being constrained to the four walls and low ceilings of a tiny fitness studio.

We’re proud to offer a physical space that mimics the safety of outdoor exercise, without direct exposure to the weather elements.  Not to mention, the social engagement + accountability that is tied to attending a scheduled workout with a trainer.  

Sweat Distancing 

Just like the standard procedures all businesses are deploying in regarding to ensure social distancing is enforced, our model of independent workout spaces was established even before COVID.  

Our model of fitness is centered around an “in-place” model which means that 95% of your movement will occur within your own 8’x 6 space.

This area is socially distanced in all directions to allow you to have plenty of breathing room in between sets. 

Temperature Checks 

It’s more than warranted these days to worryingly think to yourself “Are the people around me sick?”

And while we obviously understand that COVID-19 has plenty of asymptomatic carriers, we have implemented mandatory temperature checks for both members + staff alike.

Those with fevers or displaying any of the known symptoms will not be permitted to access the facility.

Sanitized AF

While we’ve always taken pride in our high cleaning standards and will continue to provide sanitation wipes to every fitness participant to use on their equipment, we’ve also invested in the top EPA-registered hospital disinfectant solutions and have planned sanitation schedules before, during and after workouts. 

Wear Yo Mask + Wash Yo Hands (when not exercising)

All staff + members are required to wear a face mask when entering the facility, checking in for their workout and leaving the facility.  You may remove your mask after you’ve entered the workout floor and claimed your specific space.  

And listen, we understand that any business being open right now warrants a significant amount of conversation (both for + against) and heightened opinions regarding this unprecedented situation.

But if you are an individual who needs a social outlet with their fitness…

If your mental health + physical well being is dependent on movement…

And you wish to participate in workouts you’ll love, with people you’ll love working out with, with safety guidelines + features you can trust…

Then please, hit us up.  

We’re here for you.


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