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Save the Date: #NEDAwareness Week 2020
Posted on February 22, 2020 in CLT Food + Drink + Entertainment Fitness Nutrition

Save the Date: #NEDAwareness Week 2020

National Eating Disorders (NED) Awareness Week kicks off this Monday – and as a business in the fitness community – this topic is near and dear to our hearts.

The mental health benefits to exercise are well recognized: reduce stress, boost endorphins, alleviate anxiety, prevent cognitive decline, enhance creativity - the list goes on and on.

But there is a silent predator in our community.

Body image problems, disordered eating, and full-blown eating disorders are common among the fitness community - and probably exist within your own network of friends, family, and co-workers...and you don’t even realize it.

Ask someone if they know of anyone with ED, and the response more times than not is a resounding “Nope. Not that I know of.” But, we’d be willing to bet that you do.

It may be…

  • That co-worker that never seems to take lunch or avoids social eating situations.  
  • Your friend who always says, “I’m good. I just ate.” 
  • Your gym partner who turns down beers because they “didn’t hit the workout hard enough today”. 
  • Or that one person who is always down to get dinner and drinks, but has a pattern of always needing to use the restroom at the end of the meal. 

More than likely, you probably do know someone with this hushed disease. And that’s what #NEDawarenessweek is all about - lifting the veil and providing education, understanding, and support. 


Anorexia and Bulimia are two more generally known categorizations of the disease, but, what many do not yet know, and where #NEDawarenessweek is hoping to educate, is that there are many different aspects and variants to the disease.

Both disordered eating (poor food choices and inaccurate beliefs about weight loss), as well as clinical eating disorders, are prevalent in the fitness community. According to the National Eating Disorder Association, disordered eating that goes unidentified is far more common than full-blown eating disorders and the distorted thoughts about food, weight, and body image can be far more dangerous and chronic than actual poor eating behaviors.


Many varying factors can contribute to distorted thoughts, including issues related to performance enhancement, confidence, anxiety, and self-esteem.

And as a member in the fitness community we recognize that there are A LOT of fitness industry trends that have unfortunately nursed an unhealthy mentality with performance, weight, and food:

  • over competitive programming that breeds unhealthy comparisons
  • radical + short term quick fixes to achieve a look
  •  fixation on weight loss on the scale and nothing else
  • excessive cardio
  • OCD fixations on “no-no” foods

You are much more than this.

And so are we.


When you walk into a class at Urban MVMNT, you are joining up to 23 other like-minded individuals who are there to improve themselves, even if just for that hour. 

Our goal when we started this company was to inspire movement.

Everyone is currently moving towards or away from something.  And while the depth of our mantra “FIND YOUR MVMNT” would need several blog posts to fully dissect, we know that within these four walls and on our workout floor, our members are able to have a fun, safe and supportive environment that can be hard to find during the other 23 hours of the day. 

Whether you classify yourself as a beginner, intermediate or advanced in your fitness journey, our strength + conditioning program is for people looking to workout with a group of people who push and support each other, not directly compete against one another. 

Because we are all chasing our own version of fitness, for our own reasons, and within our own means. 

And, while we have created a reputation for providing PROBABLY THE BEST WORKOUT IN CLT, we have also put opportunities in place for our members to connect with us beyond the workout.

One of the most challenging aspects of fitness goers is finding the right balance between body and performance. Every body is different + everyone’s performance goals are equally as unique.

Goal setting should involve realistic goals that avoid physical and mental burnout. We encourage you to look at your fitness as a lifetime journey with shorter tangible goals. 

Our membership comes with quarterly goal-setting meetings - at no additional cost.  You can choose a private appointment time with any coach and discuss any and all things that are going on with your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.  

In addition, we’ve partnered with Project Lean Nation to provide free In-Body scans to all members in an effort to provide tangible data points like body fat percentage and lean body mass, that can help you connect the dots between food, fitness, and body, in a healthy, balanced way. 


Our focus with this blog is to raise awareness and, hopefully, let people who are currently suffering in silence with this disease know that we are here to provide an awesome, healthy, fitness-focused outlet they can include in their efforts to maintain a healthy relationship with their body - However, we are not experts in this field or registered professionals in nutrition.  

But, you do have access to those who are. And whether an eating disorder is something you are just beginning to battle with or has been an element of your life for some time, we recommend the following resources to help you take back control of your healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, you don’t have to look far to see that the Queen City is in support of creating awareness for ED. The following Charlotte buildings will light up in blue and green in unity with #NEDAwarenessWeek.

  • Wells Fargo’s Duke Energy Center, Charlotte, NC - Feb. 24, 2020 
  • NASCAR Hall of Fame @nascarhall, Charlotte, NC – Feb. 24 – Mar. 1, 2020


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