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Strong Women Impacting Urban MVMNT's Community
Posted on March 06, 2020 in Inside The MVMNT

Strong Women Impacting Urban MVMNT's Community

Strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them. 

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD) - and to honor, support, empower, champion, and increase visibility, we asked our Urban MVMNT community to chime in and highlight the strong women who have made positive impacts on their lives.

Check out the submissions below of the strong women within our Urban MVMNT community!

Anne Ganim- Wifey. Submitted by: Chris Ganim

Anne works tirelessly every week to get people moving without restriction or pain in her work as a PT. She, somehow, comes home every night and keeps our home moving as the absolute best wife and Dog Mom!

Anne is strong because she has drive, motivation, and a can-do attitude.

Everyone can learn from Anne’s strive to push through, to be better than the day before, and bring your A-game to every situation.

Amanda White (Doc White) - Friend / Gym Warrior. Submitted by: Jessica Fedorka

Amanda White is one of the most kind, caring, positive, badass, humans I have had the privilege of calling my friend.

A girl at the connected spin studio has heart palpitations…who stops mid-workout to come to the rescue? Amanda. A fellow athlete comes to class with an extremely low resting heart rate… who checks her out and provides on-site care? Amanda. Knee pain? Amanda. Poison Ivy troubles? Amanda. Injured fingers? Amanda. Don’t think you can lift that weight? Amanda says you can. Struggling to finish that extra pull up? Amanda is your cheerleader. The list goes on and on.

Amanda is strong because she has the ability to light up any room. She can finish a night shift, come to Urban MVMNT, kick your butt, and still radiate optimism and spread encouragement.

Everyone should learn from Amanda’s willingness to help others and spread positivity.  

Alexandria Busker- Wifey. Submitted by: Cory Busker

Alex is the kindest, sweetest, most supportive lady I know. She looks out for everyone she meets, genuinely cares about everyone (to an exhausting degree), and is always willing to go the extra mile to help someone else thrive. She has made me a better person.

Alex is strong because she stands up for her convictions, no matter what.

Others can learn from Alex’s compassion, dedication, how to do 100 unbroken air squats, what a good dog mom truly is, and how to order the perfect Domino's pizza.


Susan Wroblewski- Mother. Submitted by: Gabriel Wroblewski

My mom has made a positive impact on my life because she was a stay at home and homeschooled my older brothers and me after I was born.

My mom is strong because when I was around 10 years old, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She was one of the strongest women I knew and fought it until the end.

What others can learn from my mom is to never give up, even when you can't win the fight. Life is worth living.

Isaac (Sarah Isaac Flores)- Forever Baby-Making Partner. Submitted by: David Flores (D-Flo)

Why she has a positive impact on others: She brings people out of their comfort zones, knowing that this is where growth happens. She demands more out of us, with the full belief that we can always give more. She does all of this while still being compassionate and working tirelessly to know all of us at an individual level. We are better athletes because of her.

Why she has a positive impact on me: Same as above. Plus, she makes a damn good baby.

Isaac is strong because she never settles for what is easy/convenient/simple. She can also deadlift a lot of pounds. And did I mention that she can put her body through trauma to MAKE A DAMN GOOD BABY?!?!

Others should learn from Isaac her lasagna recipe. Holy shit. (Drooling)

Anne Mason- Mother. Submitted by: Leighann Mason

My mom impacts me daily. She taught me how to be a strong, positive & loving person. Whether she is helping you solve a problem, giving you a hug, or making you laugh with her dance moves, she leaves a positive mark on everyone she meets!

Anne is strong because she beat breast cancer & deals with her 3 crazy kids & husband!

Everyone could learn how to be more kind to people from Anne.

Courtney “CJ” Wangen- Caretaker/Girlfriend. Submitted by: Deuce (Juicy Deucey) 

If it wasn’t for Courtney, I’d probably be homeless, just vibing out there. Real talk. She has helped me grow not only as an adult but as an overall (much more responsible) human. Also, she was the person who told me to reach out to Urban MVMNT for any opportunities, so without her, I wouldn’t even be here.

CJ is strong because she is the definition of a self-made person. She has worked her ass off and created a bomb ass career for herself. I’ve seen her go through things that would knock anyone else on their ass. Yet, she continues to put her head down and grind, even when others would throw in the towel.

Others could learn from CJ that “shit happens”, but it doesn’t mean it has to determine your outcome. (The photo of her sleeping is a result of working so hard.)

Nicole Bryce- Wife. Submitted by: Andrew Bryce

Nicole has inspired me, supported me, and helped create a home and a family.

She is strong because she’s a phenomenal mother, homemaker, business professional, all-around go-getter, who always takes on any project to make her family’s lives better.

What others can learn from Nicole is that she is driven. She. Does. Not. Stop. She’s a consistent go-getter.

Francis (Francie) (aka The Gus) Brauer- Spawn. Submitted by: Stuart Brauer

She hasn't even been on the planet a full three years yet, but this bundle of giggles has taught me to be a softer, more patient version of myself. As somebody who typically is a bit more 'assertive' and 'unapologetically honest' (I can be an asshole), she has instilled a level of caring and empathy that has carried over into the rest of my life.

The Gus is strong because she can pick up an entire laundry basket full of clothes.

What others can learn from Francie… life is too short to walk around with a dirty diaper.


Jessica Zalecki- Wife/ Best Friend. Submitted by: Greg Zalecki

Jess is an amazing woman with the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. When she isn't fostering dogs or repairing veterinary lab equipment, she is at Urban MVMNT pushing me and helping me be a better person, both inside and outside the gym. Her loyalty is unmatched. If she thinks anyone has wronged me, be warned… she is the first one to step up and fight. 

Jess is strong because she is tenacious. If Jess wants to get something done, it happens.

Jess demonstrates to others how to stand up for what you believe in and be incredibly passionate about it. This is just one of the things that make her incredible.


Didn’t have a moment to share the strong women in your life? Don’t fret! Post a story on Instagram and tag @urbanmvmnt. We will be sure to share it!





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