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New Year.  More MVMNT.  Greater Impact.
Posted on January 05, 2020 in Inside The MVMNT

New Year. More MVMNT. Greater Impact.

We set out to create what’s probably the best workout in CLT.  And while we show up everyday to perfect that mission, there’s an element that we need to improve upon…


But first, we need to make sure you understand something...

Our workouts are awesome. Like really, really, awesome.

And if we’re being honest, our gym is like nothing else in Charlotte. And we’re damn proud of that.

We also have an obsession with the transformation of the Queen City and how its growth provides us all with more enriching lifestyles.  

The energy of taking what was old and creating something new was a huge inspiration and a large part of our origin story as new brand. 

(you should have seen our building when we first moved in...it had what some would call “character”...aka fugly, but with potential...kinda like that one Hinge date) 

Up until now, we’ve done a poor job of sharing our purpose, drive and what moves us, with you.  

Sure, our Insta gallery is pretty dope and our marketing videos are on-point...but we are still falling short of transcending from the standard boutique gym and evolving into a completely new breed that combines both fitness and local city love.

That changes now. New year. More MVMNT. Bigger impact.

Our focus in 2020 is to increase our communication with our community - not only our awesome members (both past + present), but with the local Charlotte community as a whole.

With that said, we will be giving our weekly newsletter a full makeover with a new objective - to encompass our passion for our members + fitness + everything CLT. 

Why members? Our members are the center of why we do what we do - and while we love the 60 minutes a day we have to get to know them on the workout floor, we wanted to go deeper.

These future entries will feature interviews with the amazing humans that make up our membership to better learn who they are both in + out of the gym - you can also catch the audio versions on our #SWEATLOCAL CLT podcast

Why fitness? Sharing some behind-the-scenes insight regarding the Urban MVMNT brand + explaining WHY we do things so differently from the rest of the fitness scene in CLT, seems only appropriate to further that bond with our members.  

So expect to learn more about the methods behind our workout program and fitness in general, delivered in common language that will allow you to spit some smart AF knowledge bombs on your friends next time everyone is discussing their different workout routines over a few beers. 

Speaking of beers… Why everything CLT?

Since we eat, drink, sleep, sweat and breathe CLT - we also want to share our thoughts on all the new things happening in Charlotte. 

There will be reviews of new local food, drink and entertainment along with learning about the entrepreneurial minds + personalities behind these contributions - also available on the #SWEATLOCAL podcast

I can guarantee you that this newsletter won’t always be grammatically correct…in fact, it will rarely be grammatically correct...

...but I can also guarantee that it will provide you an insiders look into our brand and a much needed fresh perspective on Queen City living.

The Urban MVMNT team is really excited to have this new content contribution so we can go deeper into who we are as a fitness company and develop a stronger relationship with our city. 

We look forward to these weekly publishings and hope you do as well! 

See you in class soon.


Stu Brauer


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