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Why Faster Isn't Always Better When It Comes To Your Workout
Posted on January 15, 2020 in Fitness Inside The MVMNT

Why Faster Isn't Always Better When It Comes To Your Workout

“Let it flow, let yourself go

Slow and low, that is the tempo.”

- Beastie Boys


The #1 variable in your workout that NOBODY ELSE is talking about is tempo and time under tension (TUT). 


Tempo is our thing. And we live and die by it. 


It’s no surprise that boutique fitness studios are the new norm and the go-to for the majority of fitness enthusiasts. 

During the rise of this tribal, craft fitness scene, we, in sequence, saw an emerging workout trend becoming the dominant style: 

Strength training: lifting as fast as you can 

Cardio: moving as fast as you can. 

In the words of Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last”.

And while Ricky may be correct in many facets of life, fitness programs are not one of them. 

Unfortunately, we’ve all heard or experienced how the need for speed can lead to unfortunate outcomes… workout induced injuries that leave members sidelined and frustrated. 

This epidemic gave birth to the core fitness philosophy we live and die by at Urban MVMNT – a philosophy which differentiates us from every other group fitness program in CLT - our emphasis on tempo and ‘time under tension’ 

While the other studios are yelling at you to go as fast as possible with a kettlebell or barbell, we are purposefully slowing you down when it comes to resistance training.  

You think doing 100 squats at lightning speed is hard? Try doing 10 squats where you descend to the bottom with a 5 second tempo, stay in the bottom for 5 seconds and then stand back up with a 5 second tempo.

That’s 15, gut-wrenching, seconds per squat. Now, that shit is hard! 

Anyone can flail around like their having a mid-workout seizure, allowing all their technique to go out the window. We don’t believe in that bull and it’s been one of the reasons our new members jump ship from their current gym’s “faster is better” mantra.

When it comes to resistance training, our workouts are going to force you to do it the hard way. The smooth + steady way. The technique enforced, proper way.

Some days, you will hate us. We make it painfully slow. Like, paaaaiiinnnnfullllyyyy slllloooowwwww. 

But, creating workouts that focus on time under tension allows our members to lift LESS weight and get MORE benefits from the movements. 

By controlling the tempo, you are not only forcing your body to work harder but you’re also going to keep your joints healthier and move safer through exercises. 

Now, don’t worry...our workouts always have high intensity elements so you can empty the tank and go all out - but they are strategically placed with exercises that won’t lead to injury when putting the pedal to the floor.

So next time when you're cursing us counting 5 seconds down, 5 second hold, and 5 seconds up, on your next front squat, remember that the tension and discomfort you feel is your body being forced to do the work the hard way, the right way.

Just another reason why we've created PROBABLY THE BEST WORKOUT IN CLT.

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