What We Do.

We understand everyone has different goals with their fitness. Our focus is to create inclusive group classes as well as individual training options that create a fulfilling experience for everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes. Use the tabs to learn more.

Our various group classes are the cornerstone of Urban. Each has it's own focus with options for adjustments to perfectly tailor the experience to you. We're always testing new concepts while providing the best approaches out there!

This focused training scenario provides a more intimate experience for anyone looking start their fitness journey in a small group or individual setting.

More about Individual and Small Group

Move. Lift. Stretch. Flex.

Our Classes

MVMNT 101 | Urban MVMNT


This is your starting point. In addition to private coaching, this class provides full instruction on how to perform each exercise safely and the workouts are always awesome.



Our signature class allows you to be in control of your workout. Pick strength or conditioning, based on how you want to train that day.

Mobility + Stability  | Urban MVMNT

Mobility + Stability

Sore and achy joints?  We've got you covered.  Learn how to provide muscular relief, increase flexibility and restore stability to your body.

Open Gym | Urban MVMNT

Open Gym

Are you a lone wolf?  If group training isn't for you, we allow Open Gym use of our facility all day.  We'll provide the gear, you just do you. 

FitMom  | Urban MVMNT


Moms need their fitness.  Whether you're planning, currently pregnant or postpartum - our FitMoms Class is the perfect solution to appropriately add exercise into your lifestyle for both you and your baby.

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At Urban MVMNT we believe fitness is a journey that is unique for everyone...


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