Group Classes


Group Classes

Because you'll always give more of yourself in the presence of others

if you've been looking for the next stage in your fitness, look no further. this advanced class will keep your conditioning level high, while adding an addictive strength training element.

the perfect sixty minute workout. move through a series of high intensity intervals that combine power + endurance. regardless if you're an experienced athlete or new to fitness, this class will allow you to get in, get moving & get results! 

the perfect blend of yoga + strength + conditioning.      

bring your mat. walk in curious.  walk out feeling amazing.  

Having an active lifestyle means asking a lot from our bodies.  Time to unlock mobility, strengthen & sculpt your hardworking muscles. The perfect recovery protocol so you can continue looking good+moving well. 

Moms need their fitness.  Whether you're planning, currently pregnant or postpartum - this class is the perfect workout solution for both you and your baby.

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