Group Classes


Group Classes

Because you'll always give more of yourself in the presence of others

All Levels

The perfect fitness option regardless of whether you're brand new to fitness or a veteran.  Full instruction and coaching on how to perform each exercise properly  is always reinforced and the workouts are always awesome. 


New to our fitness program?  This is where we lay the foundation, teach you proper technique and welcome you to a whole new world of exercise. The perfect introduction to your new fitness lifestyle.


Once you've mastered the basics in our Fundamentals Class, it's time to step up the intensity  a notch with more advanced exercises and challenging workouts. All participants of this class must graduate from Fundamentals prior to attending. 


Looking to add more running into your routine?  Training for a race? This small group class is perfect for focusing on running technique, pacing, foot strike and breathing  to maximize your runs. 

Mobility + Stability 

Sore and achy joints?  We've got you covered.  Learn how to provide muscular relief, increase flexibility and restore stability to your body. Lead by our on-site Physical Therapist, this class is sure to have you back to full capacity. 


This small group class is ideal if you're looking to develop raw speed and explosive power  through the use of the barbell. Coaching will primarily revolve around the Olympic lifts - the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Open Gym

Are you a lone wolf or following a specific exercise regimen?  If group training isn't for you, we allow Open Gym use of our facility all day.  We'll provide the equipment and space, you just do you. 


Moms need their fitness.  Whether you're planning, currently pregnant or postpartum - our FitMoms Class is the perfect solution to appropriately add exercise into your lifestyle for both you and your baby.

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