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Gone are the days of headphones and boring workouts.

We provide you with fist bumps, a great sweat and a fitness based community.

At Urban MVMNT we believe fitness is a journey
that is unique for everyone...



Start yours today.

Individual Coaching

You choose the schedule, you determine the goals, we take care of the rest.

If you're looking for a more private training experience or your hectic and unpredictable schedule doesn't allow you to attend our group classes - we have a variety of individual coaching options specifically tailored to you.

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Urban MVMNT Individual Offering

Group Classes

Because you'll always give more of yourself in the presence of others.

Our functional fitness group classes are lead by certified coaches and provide constantly varied elements of strength training, cardio, flexibility, endurance, power and more...

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Urban MVMNT Group Offering

We are the fitness facility reinvented

We've brought together group fitness classes, coffee, spin and put it all under one roof in the heart of SouthEnd.

WiFi Lounge

WiFi Lounge

Need to get some work done before or after your workout? Grab some delicious caffeine from SouthEnd Grind coffee shop and get productive in our WiFi lounge.

Private Showers

Private Showers

We offer individual restroom and shower facilities equipped with towel service, drawstring bags for your sweaty gym clothes and complimentary toiletries.

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